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When I was a kid I loved to read and write poetry. I listened to many styles of music and I composed regularly. Around 1998, I wanted to pursue a special poem of my own, and Hip Hop emerged, as I tried to give life to it. More important than the result was the satisfaction that I've had transformed poetry into music. It was like something magical was happening to me.


And thus, a new MC was born. Shortly after, I decided to face the rap more seriously with some friends from school and my neighbourhood. At that time, the name KO emerged not only for the pleasure of rhyming but also for battles and freestyle sessions.


The name Veteran recently was added as a natural consequence of luggage and experience accumulated over the years and materialized in this latest work but also to differentiate myself from all I've done to date.







After some rap projects of short duration, in 2001, a more serious project named Raptórica was born. Between 2001 and 2004, the group formed by three elements, created their first album that only came out in 2007 due to various difficulties. Some publishers / distributors had not fulfilled their commitments and therefore, the album titled "Poetry" was released 100% independently. The album consists of 16 tracks and includes the participation of several invited friends.


Meanwhile, the album was promoted in more than 30 places all over the country, such as B.leza, Musicbox, Oeiras Festival 06, Bairro Alto, IPJ, Club Mau Mau, Forum da Maia, Santiago Alquimista.


During the preparation of our second work, the group ended up disbanding in mid-2008 for personal reasons. Between 2008 and 2013 I only had a few showcases in bars and clubs in Switzerland (where I lived), and later in some bars in Porto, where I live since 2010.


Once in Porto I got motivated by those around me and other musicians and started preparing my first solo album in 2013. Named " Past, Present and Future", it features the participation of various artists such as DJ Osir, Lazy, Beto di Ghetto, Ridículo, Hugo Pereira. The album was released in February 2015 and since then the album is being promoted and available in the main online stores. The Saga continues...


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