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MISSÃO SEM ABRIGO - "homeless people mission"

The project "Missão sem abrigo" is a social project that consists in delivering food and aid to the homeless people from Porto. This project was born within a cultural association named Allatantou that is currently active to help the ones that need the most. Supporting the "Missão sem abrigo", you will find the Porto Gallery Hostel and the social institution Casa - apoio ao sem abrigo - that counts with more than a 1000 volunteers from all over the country and operates 365 days per year.
Within this context, I decided to donate 20% of the total amount  of the CD revenue to these two institutions and the homeless people mission.
The results of this action will be shared to the public via our social networks. In addition to this contribution, these organizations will try to promote and create social events, relating music and culture to social help.
You can check the "Missão sem Abrigo" activity in our facebook page:


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